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7 Metabolism Boosting Weight Loss Tricks

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I’ve listed a few habits you can use to start boosting your metabolism right now. You’ve heard stories about people who’ve lost dozens of pounds by switching over to diet drinks or exercising lightly every day. These are habits that  contribute to a massive difference and boost your metabolism safely and gradually over a short time. Losing weight quickly and easily is directly related to your metabolic rate.

Eat Little Eat Often

Test have proven time and again that consuming smaller meals every couple of hours will keep your metabolism burning quicker than when you eat infrequent large meals. When you regularly eat small amounts of food your body has to constantly work to digest and absorb the food. This uses more energy and equates to faster weight loss.

Water Is Best Served Cold

Evidence shows that our bodies burn more calories raising the temperature of the fluids we consume than they do when we drink hot beverages. Being well hydrated also aids the metabolic processes and quickens them.

Be Active

Active people burn 50% more calories per day than those that move around and busy themselves. Take every opportunity to move, doing so can make a dramatic change in the number of calories you burn in a 24 hour period. Small frequent movements soon add up. A tip is to write “move? on post-it notes and place them around the home.

Swing your legs

Move your feet

Frequently adjust position

Walk up and down instead of standing still

Walk up the stairs more than you need to

Park as far from your destination as possible and walk the rest of the way

Tighten and release your muscles

There are countless things you can do to stay busy throughout the day.

Protein Is Good

The process of breaking protein down within your body is far harder than carbohydrates. Your body will burn more energy digesting proteins such as egg whites, fish and chicken than it will potatoes. Protein also has the added benefit of making you feel fuller for longer. It’s best to eat a small portion of protein at every meal and even between meals as a snack. Doing so will increase the number of calories you burn each daily.


A teaspoon of cinnamon per day can dramatically improve the rate your body metabolises fat. If you don’t like cinnamon there are alternatives cayenne, red peppers or wasabi.

Fat Helps

Believe it or not eating a serving of ‘healthy’ fat per day will actually increase your calorie burning levels. Incorporate flaxseed oil, olive oil, hempseed oil, salmon or seeds and nuts into your daily routine.

No Pain No Gain!

Weight training is a surprising effective means of boosting your metabolism. BY regularly lifting weights you’ll build more muscle tissue, which is good news because muscles are metabolically active. Your body will burn more calories even when resting if you have a higher percentage of muscular body weight. Plus it gets addictive after a few weeks effort!