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The Importance Of Motivation

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You already know the importance of motivation – without it you would mope around day after day, sitting on your ever growing butt, achieving a fraction of what you are capable of.

At the extreme end of the scale, your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth will take a battering, leaving you a huge mountain to climb afterwards. In turn, this could lead to low mood or even depression. Yikes! That very thought is a motivator itself!

Obviously this site is aimed at those embarking on a healthier lifestyle (or wishing to), but the importance of motivation is not solely relevant to your health and fitness targets. It is relevant to every aspect of your life!

Be it health related, monetary, work related, or even your relationships, motivation is the driving force that pushes towards your goals.

Importance of Motivation – Breaking it Down

If you don’t have a goal, something you want to achieve, then you have no motivation. There is no reason for you to get yourself going. No Prize.

On the other hand, if you have an ultimate goal that is so huge, so daunting, then you will equally have no motivation. If some goal is too huge, it will just seem impossible. There will seem no point in trying.

So the answer is . . .

You have to break your ultimate goal into manageable chunks. These are your graduated milestones.

Basically, you’ll always have your ultimate goal in your mind’s eye, but to reach it you’ll split this down into achievable targets or milestones.

From Achievable Milestones to Ultimate Goals

So how do you put it into practice?

Maybe you want to lose 5 stone of fat. But 5 stone is an awful lot of weight to lose. It seems so much weight that you might think the effort of getting there is hardly worth it!

So you break it down into half-stone milestones! These are achievable and realistic. That’s the important thing here. It has to be realistic!

Before you know it, you’re one stone down, then two, and then . . . you’ve reached your ultimate goal!


Or maybe your fitness goal is to put on a stone of lean muscle, and to build some strength along the way.

A stone of muscle is quite a lot of weight, and to achieve this target, without getting fat, takes a lot of dedication and effort.

So split it into monthly targets of 2 pound lean muscle gains. That’s around a half pound per week!

But it’s realistic! And much more achievable than just aiming for a stone of lean muscle.

Week after week you’ll be slowly chipping away at your ultimate fitness goal, and then before you know it . . . you’ve done it!